Platinum, sometimes referred to as "Fire," is the visual het for either Leucistic, or Ultra Ivory.  This means there are actually 2 known lines of Platnum, and when bred together, these will produce Ivories.  Platinums are identified by subtle changes in pattern, and an overall lightening of the base color of the snake.  Sometimes difficult to distinguish from normals at birth, anything with the Platinum gene will get more and more intense as it ages, growing into a beautiful lemon yellow and black animal.

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Platinum Tiger Het Albino

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Platinum Titanium Male

Jay's Pick Platinum Titanium Male

Platinum White Albino Tiger

A all white snake with bright red eyes sounds pretty cool right?
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Platinum Tiger het Anthrax Male

Super Dwarf Anery Platinum

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The Titanium Lover

Male: Citron Sunfire Platinum Tiger pos het Albino Female: Tiger Titanium pos het Albino

Citron Platinum Het Pied

Platron Tiger
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Citron Platinum Het Pied Tiger

Platron Tiger
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Citron Platinum Tiger Possible Het Albino

Platron Tiger
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Citron Platinum

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